The Unilag Faculty of Engineering Alumni Association has been registered with CAC and an account has been opened with ACCESS Bank Plc and UBA Plc. Members of Board of Trustees have been appointed. They are:

Engr. (Chief) Oye Eribake

Engr. (Chief) Akin Coker

Engr. (Dr.) Temilola Kehinde

Engr. (General) Tunde Adebanjo

Engr. Nnoli Akpedeye

Engr. (Prof.) A.O.A. Ibhadode

Engr. Tony Ogbuigwe

Engr. (Mrs.) Oluseyi Afolabi

Engr. (Prof.) Funso Falade

Engr. Christy Umoh-Okeke


At the meeting of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) with some members of the BOT on the 14th March, 2017 a Steering Committee was set up. It comprises four members of the BOT and members of the Local Organizing Committee. The Committee was to work out the modalities for the election of the executive members for the Association. A period of six (6) months was been given to the Commit-tee to carry out this assignment.

All the alumni of this great Faculty of Engineering are admonished to be part of this Association. This is a call for the development of engineering education in Nigeria and a call for national development because no nation develops without appropriate engineering skills. We all know that without engineer-ing there cannot be any state of art technology and no development of sort can take place. The nations that have technological know-how are those nations that understand and have given scientific learning its dues. Engineers are by their education, training and experience, the disciples of technology. No se-rious-minded person will contest that, above all, modern technology must be seen for what it is, the only key that controls the future. Our state of development in Nigeria is a reflection of our level of technological development.

The Chairman, LOC will present a catalogue of the Faculty needs that require urgent attention. We are very optimistic that things will change for good with the generous contribution of all of us.

As I close, I wish to sincerely thank the Chairman of the LOC and his team as well as the Chairman of University of Lagos class of 69.72 for their commitment and being part of the LOC for this outing.

Engr Prof. Funso Falade



i. To provide a link between the Faculty, its Alumni, and the public in general.
ii. To affiliate with the University of Lagos Alumni Association as a Sectorial Group.
iii. To assist the Faculty in whatever way possible in its development and in its drive to establish and maintain a tradition of excellence in all its endeavours.
iv. To promote professionalism, mutual understanding, co-operation and interaction amongst its members.
v. To advise the authorities of the Faculty, the University and the Federal Government on academic matters for the purpose of ensuring that the Faculty remains a centre of excellence.
vi. To establish a fund for the maintenance and promotion of scholarship and research in the Faculty.
vii. To arrange seminars, conferences and symposia on matters of contemporary interest and to publish the proceedings and papers as may be deemed necessary.
viii. To establish such magazines, periodicals, newsletters and other publications as it may deem necessary for the achievement of its objects.
ix. To confer, consult, maintain contact and co-operate with any persons, associations, societies, institutions, corporate organisations or bodies of persons established in Nigeria or elsewhere having objectives in whole or in part similar to those of the Association.
x. To raise funds voluntarily and receive donations, gifts, grants and bequests from its members and the general public for financing any of the above objectives and most especially to organize such fund-raising activities as may be decided upon by the National Executive Committee of the Association.
xi. To carry out the various aims and objectives through, inter alia, establishment of Standing Committees and when necessary, Ad-hoc Committees.
xii. To do all such things as the Association may consider conducive to the achievement of any of the above objectives.

Executive Committee of UNILAGFEAA

The mandate of our Executive Committee is to implement the Aims and Objectives of the Association as expressed in paragraph 3 of its Constitution. (

To that extent we shall:

1. Maintain a Secretariat of the Association in the premises of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos.

2. Establish communication channels aimed at providing a link between the faculty, its alumni and the public.

3. Execute projects that aim at improving teaching, learning and research in the Faculty.

4. Use our communications channels to collate the interests of members and provide for their welfare and welfare of their endeavours.

5. Keep a watch on the wellbeing of members of the Association wherever they may be including posting and deployment of those on overseas study, national service and other special services.

6. Create special opportunity for membership registration of graduating students to make it feasible that the Association monitors welfare of its members on national youth service.

7. Establish a fund for the maintenance and promotion of scholarship and research in the Faculty.

8. Establish a platform by which the Association monitors and enhances professional development of young Members.

9. Host events that will create networking opportunities among members and also with industry players and users of engineers.

10. Do all things that give effect to implementing paragraph 3, Aims and Objectives, of the Association’s Constitution.