Alumni associations are very unique; the members share a common denominator which has played a significant role in moulding their lives and careers. Such associations serve two broad objectives – i) providing members a forum for networking for mutual benefits and ii) providing a platform for syner-gizing efforts for developmental support for the alma mater. The University of Lagos is blessed with a dynamic Alumni Association which undoubtedly is a reflection of the institution‟s stature, sterling qualities and unparalleled contributions to national development. Apart from the Association‟s impact on the physical and academic development of the university, it was in the forefront of opposition to the ill-conceived attempt of President Johnathan‟s administration to rename the university about a decade ago.

As an omnibus body, the Association caters to the collective interests of its members and the entire university community. Granted the phenomenal growth in the university in terms of colleges/faculties/departments and the attendant exponential growth in student population, the need for college/faculty-oriented associations has become apparent. Such secondary associations can proactively rise up to the specific needs of its members and college/faculty.

The faculty of Engineering, being one of the oldest faculties in Nigeria, has blazed the trail in this di-rection. Kudos to the Dean, Professor Funso Falade and his team as well as the Engineering Class 1969-72 who mid-wived the birth of the University of Lagos Faculty of Engineering Alumni Association.

It is an association that all alumni of the Faculty should be proud of and give their utmost best to sup-port. The Faculty needs channels of communication with the industry in order to attract research grants, endowments and secure placements for students especially for the SIWES programs. We live in a fast changing world driven by technology, our engineering graduates must be adequately equipped to be able to adapt rapidly on graduation. The government is no longer able to fund teaching adequately, how much more R&D. Let us therefore all rise up and contribute our quotas to make UNILAG Faculty of Engineering attain to the loft goals of the founding fathers.

As we join the vanguard, it is equally important to disseminate information to our colleague who may just not be aware of this development.

God bless you as you spread the good news!

Otunba Engr. Oye Eribake

Class of 1971

Chairman BoT

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