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Dear Distinguished Alumnus,
It is with excitement that I felicitate with you as we come close to the finishing line of this COVID-19 and ENDSARS infested year. I congratulate you and I wish you a merry Christmas and a safer and more prosperous 2021.
There is no gainsaying the fact that the twin crisis mentioned earlier impacted negatively on the ability of your executive to discharge their duty optimally. It is our hope that 2021 will be better.
In preparation for 2021, the Executive is pleased to announce the setting up of the following standing committees that will enhance the delivery of our set targets.
I hereby call on members to please indicate the committee on which you prefer to serve. No member will serve on more than one committee.
The list of committees and their terms of reference are as follows:
1. Welfare Committee
Chairman – Engr Yetunde Holloway, Vice Chairman 1
a) To facilitate and promote benefits accruable to membership of the association, such as, Hotels rebate in major cities and Travel rebate from airlines.
b) Help members with mentorship dissemination of career opportunities and opportunities for profitable values.
c) To develop standard procedure for intervention on humanitarian basis for members in needs and or during social function.
2. Publicity Committee
Chairman – Engr. Taiwo Lawal, Publicity Secretary
a) To promote the activities of the association and members on the association’s webpage.
b) To ensure the sustenance and continuity of the Alumni Newsletter in line with the executive objective
c) To use other publicity materials such as press release, event programs and so on to promote the association visibility.
3. Events Committee
Chairman – Engr. Oyelola, Ex-officio Member
a) To organise the Annual General Meeting.
b) To organise the Alumni Distinguished Lecture.
c) To recommend and organise and other activity as may be considered relevant or approved by the Executive.
4. Finance Committee
Chairman – Engr. Ayo Ogunnoiki, Financial Secretary
a) To ensure up to date financial records of donations, dues, and expenses.
b) To ensure the preparation of regular annual auditing of the association financial records
5. Technical Committee
Chairman – Engr. Lawrence Osoba, National Secretary
a) To develop and facilitate training opportunities for graduating students in Healthy and Safety (HOS) and Quality Audit
b) To develop and maintain database of all inducted graduating students for follow up and mentorship
A sixth committee which is the Project Committee will be populated by invitation. It is our hope that you will answer our clarion call when called upon.
Kindly let us have your expression of interest on or before January 10, 2020 to enable the online inauguration of the Committees on January 14, 2021.
Once again, kindly accept my best wishes for a peaceful yuletide season and a most successful year 2021 on behalf of the executive
Engr. Dideolu Falobi, FNSE, FIoD
University of Lagos Faculty of Engineering Alumni Association(UNILAGFEAA)


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